Are Your Customers Claiming Your Headshop Is One Of Their Favorite Headshops Near Me?



It may come as a surprise that smoke shops as well as head shops are the best business that SEO and online marketing can have a strong influence in? Yes, it is because there are so many of these smoke shops and head shops across every city and they are all vying for the cut in the sales of the business. So how can your headshop or smoke shop compete with the rests? The following are tips for you so that your customers will be able to claim your headshop is one of their favorite headshops near me.

  1. Make your shop sell both from your actual store and through online. –start by making your store’s presence in the internet by hiring individuals to make you a website. Develop the site to showcase your products and services. Products like selling accessories and even cigarettes online and delivering them.
  2. Make your site searchable and should be on top of the Google search engine. You can promote your site by putting ads, also ask your customers to visit your site and to give referrals to their friends. You can gain more traffic to your site if you give out discounts coupons. Remember when you have sales online, these are supposed to be cheaper than the brick and mortar outlets since they still have to incorporate in their cost of products their overhead cost. While online, you have a minimal expense in that area.
  3. Ask for your customers reviews. Honest reviews can get more people to patronize you both in your physical store and online.
  4. In you online stores, make sure that what you are posting are legitimate products and your deals are authentic and legit. People can easily see through that and all your efforts will be put to waste once you go on shady undertakings.


It cannot be denied that at present brick and mortar outlets are having a hard time when there are more competitions in the internet. So, since you are already in the field, it is best to join the flock. For all you know maybe this is what your store lacks to stay on the lead.